Learning Solutions for Technology Companies

Typically early adopters of other technologies, Tech companies know the value of automation and digital transformation, and don’t need to be  convinced of the impact of an LMS. Whether looking to replace an existing system or deploy something new, it’s important to recognize that there  are significant differences between leading LMS providers. Among the differentiators that will matter most to Tech firms: integrations, innovation, and security.

EnhanzED is the learning platform of choice for Tech because it offers an API and 50+ integrated connectors to popular solutions in CRM, HR, ERP, Web Conferencing, and more. We lead the industry in innovation with next-gen capabilities such as Agile development and product advances  like 360-degree videos and support for wearables. Tech companies trust their customers’ and their own data to EnhanzED because of its notable security certifications, data encryption, high availability deployments, strict authentication and application security.

Key Features and Benefits for Technology:


It goes without saying that forward-thinking technology companies demand that their solutions operate flawlessly. EnablED will always live up to the accessibility, portability, and immediate expectations of fellow techies.


Using EnablED, you can organise large employee groups into teams for easier management. You can monitor learning progress using team-based reporting, which is especially useful for cross-functional groups.


Utilize badges, points, and achievements that are based on users’ system activity to engage and inspire them. It’s a fun way to instill constructive rivalry among users and teams.


Even if you want to use one of the 50+ connectors or the API to integrate EnablED with other systems like CRM or HR, you can do so in a matter of minutes

Customer training

Tech companies benefit from EnablED’s simple customer certification and training processes. Using the EnablED Commerce platform, some might even decide to charge for these services.


Behind a hardware firewall, EnablED securely stores your content and user data. Every data is encrypted with a private certificate and transmitted over HTTPS. 


Technology workers can choose from a wide variety of content in the EnablED Courses catalogue to enhance their skills. Provide succinct, video-based courses in policy and compliance, IT skills, and cyber security that have been approved by SMEs.