Learning Solutions for Healthcare Companies

Every task your worker performs has an impact on the patient, whether they are in a patient-facing role or not. It is critical to provide training on how to handle customers with extreme sensitivity, care, and compassion. Failure to properly train employees could very well result in costly noncompliance fines in addition to inefficiencies or errors in the revenue cycle. With the rapid pace of change in healthcare regulations, revenue cycle processes, and medical technologies, there is no time to waste in implementing the best training platform to improve the patient experience while also increasing financial performance.

Healthcare organizations can use an established LMS to improve the patient experience and streamline the revenue cycle. With EnablED LMS, patient access and revenue cycle staff can quickly and efficiently learn best practices and develop key skills.

Key Features and Benefits for Healthcare:

Role-based training controls

Using multi-tenancy features, you can manage your entire department, network hospitals, and brands under one LMS.

Courses in


Most stringent security

Behind a hardware firewall, EnablED securely stores your content and user data. Every data is encrypted with a private certificate and transmitted over HTTPS. 

Monitoring and reporting

Using EnablED, you can organise large employee groups into teams for easier management. You can monitor learning progress using team-based reporting, which is especially useful for cross-functional groups.

Management of compliance

Regulations and standards in healthcare are constantly changing. Keep track of your employees’ compliance within your learning platform to stay up to date. Create recurring certifications to engage employees to update their knowledge or skills.

Employee Onboarding

An efficient onboarding procedure introduces new hires to the company and conveys important policies and procedures. Employees transition more easily and feel like valuable team members right away when all this information is available in one location.