Learning Solutions for Finance Companies

Whether you are a bank, insurance company, private equity firm, or other financial institution, you must comply with stringent federal regulations that govern how your customers are treated, who you trade with, and how data is handled. Employee training is critical at all levels of the organization because failure to comply with any regulation can result in costly legal penalties such as fines and even jail time.

Financial institutions are frequently targeted in increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks, which is a known fact. Employees must be knowledgeable about the most recent developments in cybersecurity knowledge and techniques. Not even mentioning training employees the fundamentals of their jobs or the company’s regulations and culture.

For numerous reasons, including its renowned security certifications, data encryption, high availability deployments, tight authentication, and application security, financial services firms trust EnablED LMS. Additionally, it greatly automates the management of the learning programme. Instead of wasting time on manual learning management duties, L&D professionals can concentrate their time and attention on making sure compliance courses are current, maintaining staff training, and monitoring other crucial performance measurements.

Key Features and Benefits for Finance:

Compliance Training

Tech companies benefit from EnablED’s simple customer certification and training processes. Using the EnablED Commerce platform, some might even decide to charge for these services.

Implementation and integration

Even if you want to use one of the 50+ connectors or the API to integrate EnablED with other systems like CRM or HR, you can do so in a matter of minutes

Finance-focused content

Finance workers can choose from a wide variety of content in the EnablED Courses catalogue to enhance their skills. Provide succinct, video-based courses in policy and compliance, IT skills, and cyber security that have been approved by SMEs.


Behind a hardware firewall, EnablED securely stores your content and user data. Every data is encrypted with a private certificate and transmitted over HTTPS. 

Tracking and reporting

Using EnablED, you can organise large employee groups into teams for easier management. You can monitor learning progress using team-based reporting, which is especially useful for cross-functional groups.