About Us

EnhanzED Education Pvt. Ltd. is a SaaS based Ed-Tech company based in Massachusetts, USA with offices in Bangalore and Mysore, India. We started with an office in Mysore, India , with a 30 member team. Now, we have grown as a large organization with a collective experience of around 20 years in Education Technology. Our founders were one of the pioneers in the Ed Tech field in India. After starting as an educational learning company, we then expanded towards corporate learning and have made our mark in the field, proudly so.

What we do

Our products focus on Corporate training, Onboarding training requirements, Higher educational learning and many related fields. EnablED by EnhanzED, is a Learning Management System (LMS), as well as an Learning Experience Platform (LXP) for corporate learning. Whereas, LearnED by EnhanzED is focused on providing the educational learning solutions.

The Next Generation of Learning