Learning Experience Platform for your Distributed Mobile Remote Workforce

Why EnablED?


 Enable your Distributed/Mobile/Remote workforce with the latest updates in your products and services.


Enrich your customers’ understanding of your products through a personalized Product Knowledge Base.


Enhance your employees’ skills to ensure continuous learning and development.


Engage better with your external audience and prospects through live interactive sessions and workshops

Why Microlearning??


Increased Engagement


Time  Saver


Cost Effective

8 mins

Fits into the
Attention Span

Key Features

Bite-sized Content

Author, publish and deliver rich bite-sized content to your audience in a matter of minutes.

Rich, Engaging Content

Deliver rich and engaging content in a variety of formats – SCORM, Videos, Podcasts, Inter-activities, Slide-decks, Narratives, Quizzes and more.

Live Interactive Sessions

Engage your audience with online workshops, webinars and live interactive sessions within the platform.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Allow your audience to access content anytime, anywhere on-the-go on their personal devices.

Gamified Experience

Engage and motivate your audience with gamification features such as Badges, Certificates, Points, Leaderboards and more. 

Powerful Analytics

Access reports and analytics on your users’ activity, engagement and performance, content usage and efficacy and much more.