Learning Solutions for Pharmaceutical Companies

Workplace dynamics have shifted dramatically in recent years. Organizations that embrace these changes and can innovate and adapt their core operational model to an ever-changing world are more likely to survive. The pharmaceutical industry is not immune to these cultural shifts. To meet market demands and adapt to these unprecedented changes, all pharmaceutical professionals must gain knowledge. To assist pharma employees in adapting to an agile and ever-changing work environment, a strong learning and development (L&D) strategy is required.

While the pharmaceutical industry continues on its exponential growth trajectory, the need to train existing and new employees along the way is critical. To develop industry-wide expertise and keep up with the fast-paced virtual world, employees must receive ongoing pharmaceutical training.

Key Features and Benefits for Pharma :

Customized training modules

Even though most people working in the pharmaceutical industry need some common knowledge, not everyone will be impacted by this information. The training content for a given job role can cover a wide range of topics when training modules are specifically designed for that job role. The need for employees to read the fruitless content is removed.

Mobile-based learning modules

It should go without saying that forward-thinking companies demand that their solutions operate flawlessly on all types of hardware, including wearables, around-the-clock. Techies will be assisted by EnablED LMS in exceeding all accessibility, portability, and immediate expectations.

Gamification​ elements (Optional)

Individuals in the pharmaceutical industry typically do not prefer training content that includes animations, gamification components, or highly stylized voiceovers. These external motivation elements are far less useful for a highly motivated learner who sees training as part of a mission to improve what they do. A clean, simple, and streamlined design will help to engage more pharma learners.

Tracking and reporting

Using EnablED, you can organise large employee groups into teams for easier management. You can monitor learning progress using team-based reporting, which is especially useful for cross-functional groups.

Microlearning Nuggets

Pharmaceutical training courses that focus on the learners’ current needs should be developed by L&D leaders. For example, designing courses based on the learner’s preferred training mode will increase the learner’s ability to fit the training into their hectic schedules.

Rapid Learning development

The pharmaceutical industry is governed by numerous regulations and changes. Because of these changes, the pharmaceutical training courses must be constantly revised, often at the last minute.