Sales Enablement for Better Outcome

I have been an Instructional Designer for most of my career. However, I still remember my 1000 days as a pre-sales consultant where I realized the difference between ‘Play’ and ‘Live’ roles.

Sales function was tough… and I was living it every day… products, products maps, services, offerings, solution pitches; everything looked like a news that need to be sourced, authenticated, formatted and delivered to the prospect.

By the way, we had a 15-day sales training program which was quite detailed.
But was that training helpful? I need to be blunt and say a ‘NO’

What was the missing link?

It was the lack of a dedicated Sales Enablement Ecosystem.
The ecosystem that can help a sales team align the sales process and keep sales content and training materials in a centralized repository. This ecosystem can help the sales team remain focused on tasks and objectives and remain aligned to the processes and sales communication.

Did you know that organizations with a dedicated sales enablement function have a higher win rate with better customer retention than those without one? Dedicated sales enablement offer better engagement, better coaching, better sales performance and offer reliable insights on overall sales function.

In the present times, advent of Industry 4.0 has redefined organizational practices all over the world. Organizations are realizing that to achieve expected business, sporadic training will not achieve the desired results. For L&D partners associated with Sales team, it’s time to analyze sales enablement platforms and choose the right one for your needs.

Today in the era of online learning ecosystem, we have great content developed by the best teachers; we have the best of the technology for learning delivery.

Recently, in a pre-RFP query session, a Sales Enablement Manager presented his expectation and commented, “I want to stop creating generic training programs and hoping for the best. I want a platform or solution that can train within the flow of work and let me do the following:

The list was long but it was clear that a lot of businesses are reimagining the possibilities of what technology can take on. They want to merge sales and enablement into the same flow of work.

The task is challenging on two counts.

First, design a platform that should be able to:

Second, prepare great content to deliver the right information at the right time. Content such as:

Now don’t get concerned about the investment?

Real investment is “Time” because of the integration of specific goals with live data, conceptual models in practice, worked examples that are contemporary, and most importantly, meaningful practice to create outcomes that deliver real business impact.

But once ready, sales enablement platforms can provide efficiencies in multiple areas and can address:

Sales Enablement Platform that can keep sales personnel engaged with guidance in the flow of work and helps them reach their full potential.

To drive success with outcome-based enablement, it would be wise to check a Micro-learning Platform that has enterprise wide adoption features. Talk to a group of technocrats who have successfully implemented sales enablement for some high performing organization

Sirsendu Das

Senior Learning Architect, Excelsoft Technologies.

EnhanzED Education – An affiliate of Excelsoft Technologies