Marketron Case Study

About the client

Marketron is a leading provider of enterprise revenue and profitability management solutions for the media industry.

The company offers revenue generation and management solutions, ad tech and mobile advertising platforms, and an array of digital audience engagement tools that drive new growth opportunities

Key Highlights

  • Successfully implemented Sales enablement platform for client partners and customer interfacing teams to be on top of the features of the suite of Marketron tools and software.

  • Bridged the gap between Product-Marketing-Sales teams which is spread across 30 different states in North America.

The Challenges

  • Since Marketron has teams which are spread across geographies, getting on video call tutorials wasn’t always helping them to orient the sales folks across cities. Especially the sales teams which had to be on top of dynamic changes in the product suite.

  • According to the Sales managers of the client, it is that sales personnel who is on top of the dynamic changes in social media and digital media strategy who was getting better sales as opposed to the one who wasn’t on top of it. So, the client was looking for a solution which not only provided knowledge base of the customer facing and sales teams but also in a way made the access to marketing collaterals at the finger tips and sharable.