AI in Education Technology

At Excelsoft, we have recognised the need to take up an organisation-wide initiative to provide thrust and impetus to artificial intelligence and other related technologies. We have not only been emphasising the need for an ‘urgent AI push’ but have also been working in a clear direction in this regard.

There have been a variety of activities and initiatives that are already underway across the organisation. AI-driven features and functionality have been introduced into our products. There have been several proofs-of-concept (POC) of using AI tools and technologies. Our sales team has been positioning these products and solutions for our customers. We are conducting workshops and seminars frequently to keep all teams up-to-date on the latest developments in AI. Many departments have incorporated AI tools into their functions. Many of our colleagues have been using AI in their day-to-day work.

While all these actions are encouraging, we realised that there is a strong need to formulate a clear plan for an ‘organisation-wide AI strategy’ and execute the same in a structured manner as a programme. Earlier this year, we created an AI Focus Group at Excelsoft that will take ownership of this programme.

AI Focus Group @ Excelsoft

The AI Focus Group focuses on the following core objectives:

AI in Processes and Operations

We have started incorporating AI into our processes and operations. Below are some key areas where we have been successful:

Online Assessments:

Remote Proctoring:

Learning Experience and Content Services:

Student Success and Higher Education:

Technologies and Models

Risks and Challenges

While AI has in general shown great promise in various applications, we are also fully aware of the potential risks and concerns associated with its use, including bias, fairness, misinformation, fake content, ethical concerns, security threats, and legal and privacy issues.

We continue to observe this space closely. We participate in several AI communities and are working on setting up strong guidance principles for the use of AI in our products and services. We have also taken several measures to prevent any violation of the legal or ethical considerations of our employees and customers

Moving forward, we are committed to executing our organisation-wide AI strategy in a structured manner.

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