Gamification in EnablED LXP

About Gamification in Learning

Gamification is a term that is often confused. It is not game based learning, but rather incorporates game mechanics into eLearning platforms such as points and leader boards to eLearning platforms. The objective of gamification is to complement the learning process and make the training content more engaging. It is important not to let the gaming elements become the main focus.

It is critical to understand that heavily investing in gamification is not a good solution for poor training content. Gamification works best with relevant and well-thought-out modules that may be lengthy, making engagement more difficult to maintain. 

Gamification is a great tool that can be used to help implement training

Features of gamification

Want to know why gamification is more engaging and motivate user’s to pursue the goal in an interactive manner, here are the features of it.


Leaderboards, a common gamification technique, are used to enhance engagement through social comparisons. 

Badges & Points

Badging & Points are a form of gamification in which digital badges & Points are earned by users for completing an action or behavior or a series of actions and tasks.

Spin to win

This feature is a great way to motivate users towards better performance. It is similar to the "spin" feature on slot machines in that it encourages users to keep playing.


Streak is the number of consecutive days the user using the platform without missing any day out.


Company culture is the single most important aspect for any employee engagement or learning program.


EnablED LMS – Leaderboards, as game mechanics, induce social behaviors and encourage participant interaction through competition and cooperation. Learners are self-motivated to check their positions on the leaderboard and encouraged to share their achievements with others.

Setting goals gives game players a sense of purpose. Learners in gamified learning environments receive feedback on their activities via the leaderboard and are rewarded for their accomplishments.

Leaderboards rank players based on their relative success, as measured against a specific criterion.

Badges and Points

Badges and points are used to provide feedback and track progress. They can also enable new features. You can unlock them based on a completed goal or desired behavior.

One of the most popular gamification strategies is this gamification element. Online learners can earn carefully crafted incentives to proudly display their accomplishments.

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Spin to win

EnablED LMS, The spin to win feature allows users to use their points and badges to win amazing surprises and prizes.

Following their spin of the wheel, participants in the Game have a chance to win a prize if the spinner stops spinning and lands on the segment of the wheel indicating they are eligible to win a prize.


Consistency is essential when it comes to learning. We can award experience points to our users for completing challenges and daily streaks.

Users are rewarded for completing lessons with progress indicators and streaks, which encourages long-term engagement. Highlighting streaks and goal-attainment moments reinforces positive behavior and gives users a sense of accomplishment.



This gamification technique is used in a learning environment to help bring out the best in learners and increase user engagement on a task.

According to a recent survey, healthy competition can help increase effort and allow for better results.

Benefits of Gamification

Instant feedback

An immediate response to a learner's action and in the flow of learning.

This helps learners know how they are faring against their learning goals and based on this, they can adopt the necessary measures to step up their performance.


Its an activity that support the initiation or construction of a team.

Activity is to identifying member's skills, knowledge or assessment of their competences, and the way they interact with each other and the situations.


It is associated with a user profile or account that indicates the person's skill or rank.

A large percentage of people in the world are completionists.  People motivated by achievement tend to seek out challenges and set moderately difficult goals.