Distributed workforce

One of our clients has a huge number of employees across the USA and vendor employees across the globe. 

A great man once said, “Employees join companies but leave managers”.

A Gallup poll of 2017 of more than 1 million employed U.S. workers concluded that the No.1 reason people quit their jobs is either a bad boss or immediate supervisor. Key issues with a bad boss are just a communication gap and expectation mismatch from an employee perspective.

With the power to set a realistic expectation and right assignments to relate to the competencies needed for the role, we can help you with

  • Access to all the career paths within the organisation.
  • Complete gamified experience to inspire and motivate.
  • Our Gamification is not just Points, Badges, and Leaderboards, but beyond it to create an Epic Meaning for your workforce.

Retail Workforce across geographies

Winning customers without the list of features or USP of the product is almost next to impossible! With EnhanzED’s microlearning solutions, educate and enable the remotely working distributed salesforce about the new products, features, the USP of the newly launched product, and strategies to effectively win your customer!

EnhanzED’s microlearning platform is built to quickly author video/audio courses and tailor-made to the workforce and push it as a notification by the click of a button! Not only the workforce learns and understands on their smartphones, but can also quickly recap some key points anywhere, anytime improving the effectiveness of the sales.

 Enabling the team to work remotely is an ongoing challenge, however, our approach to winning over customers, onboard new employees, and setting realistic goals will help grow your business 

The workforce which needs constant Learning and Development

One of our clients has installations of its devices across hospitals all over the world. The first point of contact after the installation would be customer support who needs to have information about the version of the product at the client site.

By just a click of a button or on tap on the phone, a customer support executive will be able to learn about the product on our app and quickly enable customers to resolve any queries.

Rarely the field representatives are sent and in case of unresolved issues, our learning nuggets come in very handy to the Field rep. He/she will be able to quickly learn the know-how to resolve the issue.

Organisations that are looking forward to enabling their customers to better educate themselves about the product and the services in a self-serve mode.

If you are someone who wants to enable and engage your customer, we think you have landed in the right place.

Your customer will be able to fix some of the installations and minor adjustments in the app itself in self serve mode! A customer will be able to understand the popular FAQs in a video or an audio format. This not only increases the confidence of the customers but also helps build Loyalty.

Loyal customers don’t just come back or recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you. Do what will make your customers connect their contacts with you. Earn loyalty each day with EnhanzED’s engaging content platform.